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About Us

RateYourPM.com is the largest user-generated online source of feedback for project managers local and around the globe. Using state of the art research technologies, we make it easy for you to find the best project manager for your next project! Find out what others think about them, what are their strengths and passions. Today, everyone can comment and provide feedback even if they don’t have a direct reporting relationship.

RateYourPM.com is dedicated to promoting the quality of the project management profession by asking users to rate their experience of working with the project manager. With over 2,000 project managers you will find multiple opportunities for feedback.

RateYourPM.com is built by users for users. Choosing the most suitable project manager is key to the success of your next project or undertaking. The website is an extension of today’s “word of mouth” reality of checking with everyone if they know or have previously worked with a project manager in order to determine whether the project manager is good or possibly should be avoided.

Because every one of us values different aspects of project management RateYourPM.com is organized so that you can rate the project manager on the basis of criteria that’s most important to you. Top Rated Project Managers always appear first.

We love feedback and we would like to hear from you too. Should you see anything you would like to improve upon, please use our Contact Us form to send in your suggestions.