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Frequently Asked Questions

To retrieve or reset your password click on the ‘Forgot password?’ link on the Login page. To get to the log in page, click the button Log In.
To find the project manager you can search by name, city or industry with the ‘Standard Search’ or ‘Custom Search’ search features. In addition we have created an “Advanced Search” option to further refine your search criteria. If your project manager is not listed, you can ‘Add New PM’.
All categories are based on a 10 point rating system, with +5 points being the best and -5 points being the poorest. The Overall Quality rating is the average of all category ratings. If your PM is already listed, just click their name in order to see their ratings and rate them (look for the ‘Rate this PM’ button.)
RateYourPM.com provides user based, actionable feedback, reviews and ratings on personal experience in working with a project manager within multidiscipline’s of project management, keeping others informed through first hand experience and testimonials.
RateYourPM.com is dedicated to ratings of project managers only.
Find out all about RateYourPM.com on the About Us page.
The RateYourPM.com site is free to use. You will notice Google ads and other advertising on most pages; we feel ad-supported information is generally preferable to having to pay for information.
It is most likely that no one has added him/her yet. RateYourPM.com relies on our visitors to add their project managers and ratings/reviews. You can add a project manager at any time. (Look for the ‘Add New PM’ button).
Yes, your email address is used by us to validate authenticity of the RYPM user/rater vs. unauthorized robotic hackers. In addition your email address plays an important part of your user account where you can update your profile or change your password. Your email is protected and not visible to any other user.
Users can read ratings and do searches without an account, but creating an account will allow you to give and update your own ratings. We do not change ratings, so logging in gives the user a way to make sure their ratings are always up to date.
Users can read ratings and do searches without an account, but creating an account will allow you to give and update your own ratings. We do not change ratings, so logging in gives the user a way to make sure their ratings are always up to date.
Everyone who has had a firsthand experience with the individual can provide a rating. The advantage of our website is that not only can supervisors provide ratings but also anyone who has had a firsthand experience with the PM. By seeing everyone’s ratings one can gain a broader perspective of what it is like working with that particular PM. For employers who care about their teams this feedback is very valuable as it is first hand without any obligations.
Comments should be about your personal experience and free of defamatory statements. New ratings are reviewed and assessed against the listed Terms and Conditions of use of the RateYourPM.com website. Any violation of the Terms and Conditions will result in removal of those comments as well as the right to remove those comments or an entire rating. Here is some good info on defamation and libel laws in North America and RateYourPM.com Terms and Conditions.
Comments are not editable, but you can leave a new comment. You can also send an e-mail to the Administrator of RateYourPM.com and have the comment removed. Your comment will be removed within 48 hours.
Immediately; however, sometimes our web pages are cached for a couple minutes, so you may need to wait a minute or two to see your rating show up. Also, our automated spam filters will sometimes hide your comments until a human reviewer checks it, but the numerical ratings are still displayed immediately.
Yes, it is possible. It is also possible for you to be sued when NOT posting a rating; in the U.S., almost anyone can be sued for anything, particularly if the plaintiff is willing to give false testimony. If you do libel someone, it may be possible to identify you using a Doe subpoena. However, each state has a statute of limitations on defamation that varies between 1 and 3 years. Once your rating is old enough, you may no longer have liability, but please check with a lawyer.
"Proving adverse public character statements to be true is often the best defense against a prosecution for libel or defamation." – Wikipedia
Our initial database of Project Managers was gathered from publicly available sources as well as from other users who kindly created your account in order to provide feedback. In order to change your account to verified, please register and when the web site detects the existence of your profile you can claim your profile by clicking on the Claim Your Profile button located on the registration page
To correct or add information about themselves and their projects, Project Managers can register, claim their profile and update their profile settings.
Our systems are set up to remove multiple entries coming from the same computer. Please ask your users to rate you from their own home computers. Also, if our system detects multiple ratings coming from the same source, it may require new raters to login before rating for some period of time.
If you think the comment should be removed, click the ‘flag’ icon next to the comment and tell us why it should be removed. An Administrator will periodically review flagged comments.
RateYourPM.com does not alter ratings. To improve your rating, you can ask the people who have rated you to change their rating or invite others to provide positive ratings for you. This will enhance your overall rating. In the future, we are planning to offer premium services to Project Managers who can hide their least favourable ratings along with additional functionality.
They may have been removed because someone else flagged them as inappropriate or they were in violation our terms and conditions.
You can post a comment to any or all of your ratings. Alternatively, you can click the ‘flag’ next to the comment from the reviewer to have it reviewed by a moderator. If the comment is flagged, and then re-approved, the flag disappears for that comment. You can invite more of your friends and past co-workers who enjoyed working with you to provide you with a positive rating to average out your total score. See also “I disagree with my ratings, what can I do?” above for more details.
If it is a valid listing, it will not be removed. If the listing is fake, or if the project manager is deceased, please Contact Us and let us know.
We generally do not remove ratings. This site is for people to report their experiences. People rate you every day in their conversations and referrals, whether or not you are listed here. If you are convinced you have been libeled, you might ask an attorney about filing a Doe subpoena.
We do not accept demand letters because it is not our role to determine whether a review is true or false. You might dispute the truth of a review, but your disputing it does not make it false. Why should we believe you over the reviewer? Still, we believe your voice should be heard, so you are always free to post a public comment to any review on this site. We encourage you to interact with your reviewers to find out why you were rated this way and how you can improve it.
No, however people can use an alias which will protect their identity.
Under ‘My Account” select Ad Manager; this will allow you to post your advertisements.
Reach the RateYourPM.com team through our Contact Us page.
You can use the Contact Us page and select General as the topic. We will do our best to respond to you within 2 business days.